Who We Are

The Hotdogger started in 1984 in the same 129 Est building that fronts the Historic Orange court building, from Dan Dan the skydiving man! Nine years later In 1993, Dan sold the Hotdogger to Ivan and Cheryl Franks. With their two sons, Tad and Max, the family established itself in the Davis community. We source all our wieners and bun locally! Davis's own Village Bakery makes our buns.... we all know "a wiener is just a wiener without a great set of buns".

Today The Hotdogger is open seven days a week and late nights. Plus we venture out to serve the community at the Davis schools, apartment complexes, birthday parties, Weddings, UC Davis events, and, the Davis Farmers Market twice a week..... As life changes The Hotdogger still grows.....Cheryl Franks flies Alaska airlines following her dreams to travel the world , Ivan Franks is head wiener of operations. Our oldest son Tad manages all operations and youngest child Max consults and handles creative design from Culver City in La La land... someday he will be in pictures.

The Hotdogger Store


Best dogs in the county. Fast service, personable and great humor. If you like them here try their farmer's market stand Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings.

Robert Lynch
Google Reviews

The Hotdogger, ”the best restaurant in Davis.”

Bob Dunning, Davis Enterprise