129 E Street A-1
Davis, CA 95616


The Hotdogger

Hotdogs and Sausages

Our Dogs are served on fresh baked Village Bakery Rolls and come with: ketchup, mustard, relish, onion, and tomato. Wheat buns are available upon request.

Hotdog All beef hotdog with natural casing.
Polish Sausage Polska Kielbasa, mild pork and beef sausage
Louisiana Hot Link Spicy pork and Beef sausage
Hot Italian Mild Italian Style pork and sausage
Spicy Mango Chicken No added Nitrates or Nitrites
Chicken Apple Sausage Smoked Chicken and Apple Sausage
No added Nitrates or Nitrites
Veggie Tofu Dog Yves Jumbo Vegan Dog Served on a sprouted whole wheat roll with choice of condiments

Specialty Dogs

Kraut Dog Hotdog topped with mustard, onion, tomato, and sauerkraut
Ortega Dog Hotdog topped with Mayonnaise, mustard, mild chilies and pepper jack cheese - toasted in our hot air oven
Chicago Dog Hotdog topped with Dusseldorf mustard, relish, diced onions, sliced tomatoes, dill pickle spears, mild peppers and a dash of celery salt
Chili Dog Hotdog topped with Chili, Cheese, diced onions, sliced tomatoes
Bandito Hotdog topped with Salsa, Chili, diced onions, sliced tomatoes (add cheese for $1)
Gut Bomb Hotdog link with Chili, hot Salsa, Jalapeno, cheese, diced onions, sliced tomatoes
Guac Dog Hotdog topped with Jalapeno, mustard, guac, hot Salsa, diced onions, sliced tomatoes, pepper jack toasted
Cheese Dog Hotdog grated Cheddar Cheese

The Hotdogger

A lovely place to meet a friend and chat over lunch.

Chili Dogs

(All dogs can be made vegetarian upon request)

Chili Cheese Dog Hotdog topped with chili, cheese, diced onions, and tomatoes
Bandito Hotdog topped with hot salsa, chili, diced onions, and sliced tomatoes Add cheese for an additional $0.75
Gut Bomb Hot link topped with hot salsa, jalapeno peppers, chili and cheese -- all finished off with a layer of diced onions and tomatoes

Wedge Cut Fries

Complimentary ranch dressing upon request $0.25 per additional ranch

Wedge Cut Fries Wedge Cut Fries cooked in a hot air oven
Bandito Fries Wedge fries with salsa, chili, onion, and tomato (Vegetarian option available)
Cheese Fries Wedge fries with melted grated cheddar cheese, onion, and tomato
Fire Fries Wedge fries with salsa, peppers, chili, cheese, onion, and tomato (Vegetarian option available)
Chili Cheese Fries Wedge fries with chili, cheese, onion, and tomato (Vegetarian option available)
Vegetarian Chili Fries Wedge fries with vegetarian chili, cheese, onion, and tomato (Non-Vegetarian option available)


Dog Deal Hotdog, Bag of Lay’s chips and a Small Soda
Special Hotdog, Potato Salad, and a Small Soda
Fry Deal Hotdog, Wedge Fries, and a Small Soda
Potato Salad $2.25
Potato Macaroni Salad $2.25
Lay’s chips $1.00
Deep River Chips $1.75

Vegetarian or Meat Chili

Comes with cheese, onion, and tomato
Cup $3.00
Bowl $4.00

Fountain Drinks

Free Refills
Small $1.75
Medium $2.25
Large $2.50
Bottled Water $1.75
Juice Squeeze $2.25
Bottled Juice $2.25
Snapple Iced Tea $2.50
Guayaki Tea $2.75
Calypso Lemonades $2.75
Sauerkraut $0.50
Cheese $1.00
Chili $1.50
Bacon $1.00
Dill Pickle Slices $0.25
Peppers $0.25
Jalapenos Peppers $0.25
Ranch Dressing $0.25
  • French’s Yellow
  • Guldens Brown
  • Hawaiian Pineapple
  • Garlic Dijon
  • Maui Onion & Garlic
  • German Dusseldorf
  • Russian Honey Hot
  • Inglehoffer Horseradish
  • Jalapeno

*Tax is included in prices